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Keith Law's Ranks The Top-10 Braves Prospects And Julio Teheran As Top Pitching Prospect In Baseball

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Keith Law of released his top-10 Braves prospects today:

1. Julio Teheran, RHP (6)
2. Freddie Freeman, 1B (43)
3. Arodys Vizcaino, RHP (47)
4. Randall Delgado, RHP (50)
5. Mike Minor, LHP (61)
6. Craig Kimbrel, RHP
7. Carlos Perez, LHP
8. Matt Lipka, SS
9. Edward Salcedo, SS
10. Cristian Bethancourt, C

Interesting to see Vizcaino ahead of Delgado, but that should tell us how much both pitchers are thought of, and as you can see he ranks both in his top-50 just a few spots apart. Overall a very solid top-10, and you can see the emphasis Law puts on tools, with omissions of prospects like Brandon Beachy and J.J. Hoover.

The other interesting development is that in his top-100 the first pitcher he lists is Teheran, ahead of guys like Aroldis Chapman and Jeremy Hellickson, who are quite often thought of as the top in baseball. Actually, Hellickson and Chapman are 14th and 15th respectively on his list, with four other pitching prospects coming between them and Teheran.