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Frank Wren's Quotes About Braves Trades And Free Agents

Frank Wren was on ESPN XM Radio today, and Jim Bowden tweeted several of the things he revealed:

Wren just told us that the Braves will increase their payroll in 2012....and that every player is available in trade if they can get better

We knew this, but it's good to hear it again -- the payroll part. I believe the clarification on every player being available is every player that does not have 10-5 rights.

Frank Wren told us that they are open-minded to SS...& more likely up-grade by trade than Free Agency. They do like Pastornicky but not rdy

So cross Tyler Pastornicky off the list of opening day shortstop options.

Frank Wren told us indirectly that they are NOT pursuing Jimmy Rollins or Jose Reyes because they are not looking to sign a SS to multiyr dl

Reaffirming the need for a stopgap shortstop ... through a trade. And no Rollins or Reyes, shocking!

Wren told us they have 8 starting pitchers right now: Hudson,Jurrjens, Hanson, Beachy,Minor Teheran, Delgado and Medlen

And Vizzy? I guess that means they view Vizcaino as a reliever.

Frank Wren said they are looking for a RHH corner OF bat...but less level type player than Cuddyer and Willingham

Wait, LESS than Cuddyer and Willingham? How does that improve either outfield corner? That could have been lost in translation from Wren to Bowden to twitter, gosh I hope so. [UPDATE] Per Ben's comment, "less level type player" could mean an outfielder who is not a type-A free agent, of which both Cuddyer and Willingham are. Of course, he could have meant Milton Bradley, he's not very level.

Bowden also just tweeted this:

Frank Wren indirectly shot down the Jurrjens/Prado trade rumors with the Royals

C'mon, two beat writers can't be wrong, right?

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