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Rockies Interested In Braves Second Baseman Martin Prado

Rumors - they be a flyin. This one comes courtesy of the Denver Post:

With the Braves open-minded about trading players, the Rockies have contacted them about infielder Martin Prado, according to a major league source.

The Rockies scouted Prado extensively last season and view him as a starting second baseman who could occupy a run-producing spot in the lineup. The clubs have not yet exchanged names, but are expected to keep the lines of communication open.

Atlanta is seeking outfield help, willing to consider moving Prado rather than use him in left field. The Rockies have outfield depth to start trade talks. Seth Smith could fit in a platoon for the Braves, and Charlie Blackmon, a former star at Georgia Tech, might satisfy the Braves" desire to get a center fielder of the future [.]

The sides seem to match up pretty well. Even DOB spent half the day rolling around trade ideas about the Rockies.

Despite a down year, I'm guessing Prado will be a hot commodity on the trade market if the Braves are serious about trading him. Much like Jurrjens, Prado has two years left before free agency and should be in the midst of his prime production years.

Perhaps the perception that Prado's trade value is down is also generating more interest, with teams believing they could get him for somewhat of a discount.

I'm always wary of trading for Colorado hitters. Sure enough, Smith's numbers are likely Coors-inflated, as his OPS is 175 points higher at home than on the road for his career, all of which has been with the Rockies. Those home-away numbers got much closer together last year -- just 34 points better at home -- but who knows if that's a true representation of what he would do playing almost all of his games away from Coors.

Interesting ... discuss.

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