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Braves Interested In Ronny Cedeno

At this point in the off-season we're reduced to speculating on who will be the Atlanta Braves utility infielder. Exciting! Here is the latest from David O'Brien on the Braves interest in Ronny Cedeno:


I suppose he would be an okay option, so long as he is purely a backup and not a starting option. Exciting stuff this off-season, eh?

My concern with someone like Cedeno is that he's accustomed to being a starter, and it's hard to predict how he would react moving to a backup role. His lack of a patient approach could completely evaporate if he's only getting three or four at-bats a week. This is what we saw with Jack Wilson last year after he was acquired at the end of August. It seems that every option the Braves are considering for utility guy would have this same concern, as none of them are players with an on-base first mindset.

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