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Bring Back The Bobble Heads

We want bobble heads!
We want bobble heads!

No, I don't just go to baseball games for the free giveaways. But if there's a good free giveaway I will definitely go to that baseball game. Such is the case with any and all bobble heads. They're stupid, they're silly, they're completely unnecessary, and I love getting them for the cost of general admission.

The last few years if you wanted a bobble head of a Braves player you either had to pay "money" for one or you had to travel to the Braves minor league teams. The G-Braves and R-Braves both gave out bobble heads last year -- Tommy Hanson and Jason Heyward and their respective mascots, I believe. But why have the Atlanta Braves stopped giving out bobble heads?

I know, I know, it's probably that no company will sponsor them. Whatever! If a minor league team can give them away, then so can a Major League team. The flurry of bobble head driven activity for the G-Braves on Heyward bobble head night was tremendous -- Coolray Field was packed.

So I say bring back the bobble heads, Atlanta Braves! You've got some iconic players, both young and old, perfect for immortalization in bobble form.

If you agree with me, then let the Braves hear you in the comments section.

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