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Bring BBQ To The Ted

Yes, we have one stand of Skip and Pete's overpriced BBQ at Turner Field. We're in the middle of freakin' BBQ country, we're in the middle of the BBQ belt, and the Braves have ONE stand that serves BBQ at Turner Field. That's a travesty.

When fans of other teams ask me what the signature food of Turner Field is, I can do nothing but shrug. We have no signature food, yet the choice is so bloody obvious. Turner Field should be known for Southern BBQ.

This is not a leap. How is it that they haven't done this yet? Fans should be able to go to a game and get a BBQ plate with a few sides, or a BBQ sandwich, or any number of delicious BBQ food offerings. If the Braves did it right, they'd be cooking the stuff in open air pits that would allow the aroma to waft throughout the stadium -- people would be unable to resist!

To take this idea a step further, why limit Turner Field BBQ to just one brand, or one flavor? All of us good BBQ aficionados know that there are dozens of different BBQ styles, each one delicious in their own way. Turner Field could bring in a different BBQ guest cook for each home series. Then each time you went to the park you'd have a completely different type of BBQ to try, in addition to the regular BBQ stands which would be located throughout the stadium.

I've been yammering on about this for years, and I honestly don't know why it's taken me this long to write it down. This is an easy food add to Turner Field, and with the guest BBQ, it could be an easy event add. They could even pair this idea with a preseason BBQ contest slash FanFest at Turner Field. Fans could come out to the Ted like the FanFests of old, and a bunch of different BBQ contestants could setup shop, and the players could do the judging. The winners would be invited to be guest BBQ cooks during the season.

If you agree with me, then let the Braves hear you in the comments section.

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