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Braves Tweeting The Road To Pitchers And Catchers

The age of Twitter is starting to become a pretty interesting one. Major League players with Twitter accounts can give fans a glimpse into their lives as baseball players. This is currently taking shape as Atlanta Braves pitchers Peter Moylan and Kris Medlen make the road trip to spring training. On their drive from Atlanta to Orlando, in separate cars, they are tweeting back and forth. Hopefully they're doing this safely while driving. The result is pretty entertaining, from two of the funniest guys on the team.

@kris_medlen: On the road! See you in o-town! I don't know why I just called it that... But whatever.

@PeterMoylanRoad trip with @kris_medlen 300 miles to go

@kris_medlenI'm pretty sure I just saw a couple that I saw on "my big redneck wedding" on cmt last night. Where am I?? Hagaha

@kris_medlenI've got 10 hours worth of 5 hour energy next to me..... Can you overdose??

@PeterMoylanJust crossed FL state line

@kris_medlenIs it just as dangerous and illegal to tweet and drive as it is to text and drive??

@PeterMoylanyes kris it is

@PeterMoylanI'm towing @kris_medlen

@kris_medlen@Petermoylan is in such good shape this spring that we are running to Orlando! The fat kid lost 25 pounds this offseason!!

@PeterMoylanFat kid hahahaha. saw a billboard for club riske. @kris_medlen just did a u turn

@kris_medlenComing through Gainesville!! Get out the way!

And the adventure continues...

Follow both Kris and Peter on Twitter.

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