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Atlanta Braves 2011 Player Previews: An Introduction

This is your chance to predict the future ... at least to predict the 2011 season. Throughout spring training we will present each player projected to make the Atlanta Braves 25-man roster, and give you the opportunity to project what their 2011 season stats will look like. We'll then summarize these stats and present a combined look at what you, the fan, think the Braves will do this season (I'm sure it will look very rosy).

The Talking Chop crew is quite frankly tired of writing long-winded reviews of 2010 or previews of 2011. We've done it. It's been done. It will be done by others. You can buy a Braves Annual and read reviews and previews on every player (and you should ... see what I did there). Instead of these long previews, we will present quick snapshots or factoids about each player, along with some comps, and then a link to a Google Form for you to enter your predictions.

Should be fun ... and at the end of the year we can look back and see how correct/wrong/foolish we were.

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