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Could The Braves Trade Kawakami To The Yankees

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Ken Rosenthal has an update (really a non-update) on Kenshin Kawakami's future with the Atlanta Braves:

Braves right-hander Kenshin Kawakami figures to be among the myriad of options the Yankees consider when looking for rotation help.

The Braves, though, might get a better deal from Japan.

Two Japanese clubs are willing to acquire Kawakami and cover more than half of his remaining $6.67 million salary, according to a major-league source.

Yeah, we've known the second part for about three months now. Of course, he fails to mention that Kawakami doesn't want to go back and pitch in Japan, and KK controls that decision. The Yankees have been an option before, but they may become a stronger option now that Andy Pettitie has officially retired. Rosenthal mentions that KK's appeal to the Yanks might be his "2.00 ERA in five career starts against the AL East."

Speaking of retiring, he also mentions Billy Wagner, who is still on the Braves 40-man roster. Rosenthal says of Wagner that keeping him on the 40-man leaves open the possibility of him rejoining the club. I was under the impression that Wagner's agent, the wonderfully named Bean Stringfellow, had already filed his retirement papers, and that the Braves were just waiting for them to be approved by MLB or something.

I don't know. I already know too much about the damn waiver system, I'm not sure I want all the intricate details of the MLB retirement policy running around my head. On the surface Rosenthal's mention of Wagner returning seems like idle speculation. Hey, isn't that my job?