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Introducing The Maple Street Press Atlanta Braves Annual 2011


It's here folks, the Talking Chop 2011 Braves Annual has now become the Maple Street Press Braves Annual 2011. We've moved from a self published book to a newsstand quality full color professional publication. Yours truly, Martin Gandy (aka gondeee), served as the editor, and I've brought together some of the best Braves writing talent from beat writers to broadcasters to bloggers.

Contributing content to the Annual were all the writers here at Talking Chop, Martin Gandy, Danny Hong, Jacob Peterson, Scott Coleman, C.B. Wilkins, and Matt Foreman. I brought in fellow Braves bloggers Mac Thomason (Braves Journal), Christian Boone (Rowland's Office), and Kristi Dosh. We lured in all the Braves beat writers, Mark Bowman from, and David O'Brien and Carroll Rogers from the AJC. The broadcast world also participated, with Sports Editor Zach Klein from WSBTV contributing.

We've got interviews, scouting, player reviews, stats, and more -- 128 pages of solid Braves content with no ads. Pre-order your copy of the Maple Street Press Braves Annual 2011 today. Annuals will ship from Maple Street Press on February 17th, just a few days after the start of Spring Training.

Take advantage of the coupon code TALKINGCHOP, and get $1 off your order. I'll have more previews of the Annual throughout the week.

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