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Braves Quote For The Day ... A Good Lesson For All Teams

Joel Sherman of the New York Post laments the choices made to fill the rotation by both the Mets and the Yankees. Here are a couple of snipped quotes from his story about their broken toys:

There just is not enough starting pitching. You search and search, and eventually begin to look at the broken toys. There is a seduction based on name recognition and track records. There is a success now and then, like Brett Myers leaving hip surgery and the Phillies behind for consistent excellence in Houston. [...]

But the home of the broken toys this year is New York. The Mets handed guaranteed contracts and the fourth and fifth starter jobs to Chris Capuano and Chris Young, a brittle duo that combined for just 45 starts over the past three seasons. [...]

This is part of another rite of baseball in which logic is fleeting. Let's call it March Madness: When the strong spring of a broken toy makes you forget his injured recent past and imagine a successful future.

The Braves have been bitten by this bug in the past, though more on the Garret Anderson side of the ball. It's a good lesson to keep in mind with respect to guys like Chipper Jones and Nate McLouth. Spring optimism aside, we're relying on them a lot this year, and their recent regular season track record has been a fragile one.

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