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Is This Year's Team The "Dirty Braves"

The Atlanta Braves celebrations at home plate this year have tended to be a bit dirty. During a long baseball season players find ways to entertain themselves, and Martin Prado has certainly found a new way to celebrate walk off wins.

Wherever the player who drove in the game winning hit is on the field, nearby is Prado, scooping up dirt and showering the player's head, sometimes rubbing the dirt in. This is apparently how the team has decided to celebrate their last at-bat victories at home, as other players have now joined in on the dirt showering festivities.

Last year the celebration consisted of a bunch of teammates slapping the game winning player on the head. The team has taken that and changed it so their hands simply stay on the player's head while multiple teammates rub the dirt in.

It's a strange celebration, but pretty unique in Atlanta. This city has had the Dirty Birds in football, and now it's time for the Dirty Braves of baseball.

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