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Braves Quote For The Day ... A Rare And Beautiful Thing

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Prepare yourself for the onslaught of gushing praise for the latest Atlanta Braves pitching phenom, Julio Teheran. Let the gushing begin courtesy of Kevin Goldstein at Baseball Prospectus:

Speaking to a scout currently in his fourth decade of evaluating players today, he gushed, "I've never put a higher grade on a 20-year-old pitcher in my career." Going deeper into Teheran's arsenal explains why. "He was 92-96 for me while averaging 95, and the pitch is hitter-untrackable as he hides his arm behind his back and it explodes on hitters. That combination of arm velocity and deceptive velocity is a rare and beautiful thing."

I'm giddy! Goldstein ends with this gem:

"There's power, there's touch and feel, and there's mound presence well beyond his 20 years," the scout concluded. "He's going to be a number-one starter on a championship-level team."

 If ever there was a time to be excited about a one-night-only show in baseball, it's tomorrow night.

I'm even giddier! Go check out everything that the scout had to say about Teheran at Baseball Prospectus.