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Atlanta Braves All-Star Moments: 1972, Hammerin Hank Goes Deep

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The MLB All-Star Game has been full of memorable moments, and with the 82nd Mid-summer Classic upon us, Atlanta Braves fans remember some special moments for their team in All-Star Game history. We here at Talking Chop are proud to introduce the top-10 Braves All-Star Game moments.

JULY 25, 1972 – ATLANTA, GA

Baseball fans in the south had long been waiting for this moment: for the first time ever, the Major League Baseball All-Star Game was coming to Atlanta. The Braves faithful had plenty to be excited about because the very best the game had to offer would be gathered on their field, especially their own hometown hero Hank Aaron. Hank had 20 home runs at the All-Star Break and was well on his way in his pursuit of Babe Ruth’s hallowed home run record with 659.
The rest of the Braves team, however, wasn’t doing so well. They were 42-49 and 14.5 games out of first place under manager Lumen Harris. Aaron was a rare bright spot on a team that finished the season 70-84 in fourth place in the NL West and was the team’s lone representative.
In the game, the AL squad had a 1-0 lead through five innings when Aaron stepped to the plate in front of his home crowd in the sixth. With one on and two out against Indians pitcher Gaylord Perry, Aaron blasted a 0-1 pitch to left-center to give the NL a 2-1 lead.
The AL regained the lead in the eighth, but the NL rallied to tie the game in the ninth and won in the tenth on Joe Morgan’s hit.

Over the next nine days we'll bring you nine more great Atlanta Braves All-Star moments. This will not be a countdown, just the ten best moments presented in chronological order. (This post was written by Tony Almeyda.)