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Atlanta Braves All-Star Moments: 1991, Tom Glavine, The First Atlanta Brave To Start An All-Star Game

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Not quite the infamous rookie card picture, but it'll work.
Not quite the infamous rookie card picture, but it'll work.

The MLB All-Star Game has been full of memorable moments, and with the 82nd Mid-summer Classic upon us, Atlanta Braves fans remember some special moments for their team in All-Star Game history. We here at Talking Chop are proud to introduce the top-10 Braves All-Star Game moments.

July 9th, 1991 - Toronto, Ontario

The 1991 season will always be memorable for Braves fans for a multitude of reasons. Going worst-to-first in a matter of a few months and losing a heartbreaker in the World Series will always come to mind, but perhaps it was Tom Glavine's starting of the All-Star Game that was the most significant and foreshadowing of events to come.

Since coming to Atlanta, the franchise had never seen one of their starting pitchers selected to start the Mid-Summer Classic. They had pitchers present for the game, but never once did they garner the prestige of having their player lead the National League's club on the mound. Warren Spahn, who was still a member of the Milwaukee Braves at the time, was the most recent player to make the start for the franchise, and that was in 1961.

Glavine, who earned the start by going 12-4 with a stellar 1.98 ERA in the first half of the season, was impressive in his start and worked two scoreless innings. He gave up just one hit and a walk, all while striking out Cecil Fielder, Danny Tartabull, and Dave Henderson consecutively. The NL took an early 1-0 lead, but the AL battled back to win the contest 4-2.

When looking back at the game, though, it's easy to forget the outcome when you think about Glavine making the first All-Star Game start by an Atlanta Brave. For a franchise that has always been so rich with pitching history, it's pretty bizarre to think no starter had thrown the first pitch for the National League in thirty years. 

Glavine's start in '91 was just the beginning in the grand scheme of things. He started the next year as well, and was joined in 1994 by Greg Maddux, in 1996 by John Smoltz, and then twice more by Maddux in 1997 and 1998. Six starters from one franchise in one decade; that's pretty incredible.

The lefty wasn't nearly as good as he was in the first half of the season and struggled at times down the stretch, but still managed to finish with a record of 20-11 and 2.55 ERA. He tossed 246.2 innings and struck out 192 batters, which was just the start to his phenomenal career in Atlanta.