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Atlanta Braves All-Star Moments: 1994, Greg Maddux Starts The All-Star Game, Fred McGriff Wins The MVP

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Greg Maddux became the second Atlanta Brave ever to start the All-Star game on the mound when he got the nod in 1994.
Greg Maddux became the second Atlanta Brave ever to start the All-Star game on the mound when he got the nod in 1994.

The MLB All-Star Game has been full of memorable moments, and with the 82nd Mid-summer Classic upon us, Atlanta Braves fans remember some special moments for their team in All-Star Game history. We here at Talking Chop are proud to introduce the top-10 Braves All-Star Game moments.

July 12th, 1994 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The 1994 baseball season lives in infamy among fans and players alike, as it was the season that ended prematurely due to the players strike. Before the strike occurred though, there was good baseball played, including one of the best all-star games in history.

At the all-star break in 1994, the Braves found themselves with a 52-33 record and one game behind the Montreal Expos in the National League east. Atlanta sent three members off that team to the all-star game in Greg Maddux, Fred McGrifff, and David Justice. 

1994 was Maddux's second season in Atlanta, and his first one went pretty well as he won his second straight Cy Young award at the end of the 1993 season. In the first half of the '94 season, Maddux was dominant yet again, going 11-5 with a 1.80 ERA and a 118/28 K/BB ratio. His spectacular first half earned him the starting nod on the mound for the National League team.

Fred McGriff was hitting .310 with 23 homers and an OPS of .980 at the all-star break, while Justice was hitting .344 and getting on base at a ridiculous pace.

Moving on to the game, Maddux got the ball for the National League team and threw three solid innings, giving up one run and three hits while walking none and striking out two. He gave up his only run in the first inning, as Wade Boogs singled to center and advanced to third on a double by Ken Griffey Jr.. A Frank Thomas single scored Boggs and gave the American league a 1-0 lead. 

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Maddux settled down after that, setting down all six batters he faced in the second and third innings, which included Kirby Puckett and Cal Ripken. He left with a lead but the National League couldn't hold it, as they trailed 7-5 heading into the ninth inning.

With Craig Biggio standing on first base with one out against closer Lee Smith, pinch hitter Fred McGriff strode to the plate and crushed a two-run homer to left center field to tie the game at 7. The National League went on to win the game in ten innings 8-7. McGriff was award the games MVP award for his dramatic home run. 

Braves fan were feeling good following the all-star game, with Maddux becoming the second Atlanta Brave ever to start the all-star game on the mound and McGriff bringing home the MVP award of the game. Unfortunately, the strike then happened a few weeks later.

At the time of the strike, Atlanta was 68-48, six games behind the National League East leading Expos. Greg Maddux finished the season with a final record of 16-6 with a 1.56 ERA. That was good enough to earn him his third straight Cy Young Award. 

Fred McGriff finished with a .318 batting average and 34 homers, while Justice ended the year at .313 with 19 homers.