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Atlanta Braves All-Star Moments: 1996, John Smoltz Named Starter, Takes Win

The MLB All-Star Game has been full of memorable moments, and with the 82nd Mid-summer Classic upon us, Atlanta Braves fans remember some special moments for their team in All-Star Game history. We here at Talking Chop are proud to introduce the top-10 Braves All-Star Game moments.

July 9th, 1996 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The 1996 All-Star Game was significant for a multitude of reasons. John Smoltz was the National League's starting pitcher, Bobby Cox was the manager, and, most notably, it would be the NL's final victory in the Mid-Summer Classic until 2010.

Smoltz earned the start by being simply brilliant in the first half of the year. Fresh off a World Series championship, the flamethrower finished the first half with a record of 14-4, an ERA of 3.14 and 137 strikeouts in 146.1 innings. 

The Braves were well-represented at the All-Star Game. Smoltz was the starting pitcher, Fred McGriff and Chipper Jones were both voted starters and hit 4th and 7th, respectively, in the starting lineup, and Tom Glavine pitched an inning in relief. As for Smoltzy, he worked two innings and gave up just two hits and recorded a strikeout. The NL won 6-0.

1996 might have been Smoltz's best season. He finished 24-8, which was the most wins he had in any season, but even more impressively he struck out 276 batters in 253.1 innings, all while walking just 55. With an ERA of just 2.96, that entire season was pretty insane.

Atlanta made a heck of run in the '96 playoffs, but they would eventually fall short to the Yankees in a six game series. They swept the Dodgers in the Divisional Round and came back to win a crazy 7-game NL Championship Series against the Cardinals despite going down 3-1 after the first four games. The team finished with a stellar record of 96-66.