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Brewers Sign Brooks Conrad Of Braves Late-Inning Fame

We'll miss ya Brooksy!
We'll miss ya Brooksy!

Ken Rosenthal tweets us more news about Atlanta Braves players signing elsewhere:


Brooks Conrad is a name that every Braves fan should know. He wasn't a starter for the team, but it seemed he came through in the clutch more than anyone else. He became famous and then infamous in 2010, first with his late inning heroics, hitting .300/.364/.688 with seven home runs in the seventh inning or later. His infamy came in the 2010 postseason, when his errors in the field cost the Braves dearly.

Even with that black mark against him, his reputation as a team player and a great guy helped rally players and fans to his side as they empathized with the unfortunate fielding at the wrong time. The Braves brought him back in 2011, and while he did have three late inning home runs, he just wasn't the same Clutch Conrad.

The Braves non-tendered Conrad back on the 13th of December, and I wrote just before then that it seemed Raw Dog was going to get a Raw Deal with the direction the Braves were going with their infielders this off-season -- towards defense and away from offense. At least the Braves allowed Conrad to seek out another team who wanted his services, and the Brewers have been collecting former Braves infielders this off-season -- having earlier signed shortstop Alex Gonzalez.

I wish Raw Dog the best of luck. His power might play really well at Miller Park. Rosenthal also tweeted this about the interest in Conrad:


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