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Braves Make First Round Of Spring Training Cuts

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Before Wednesday night's game the Atlanta Braves made their first round of cuts to their spring training roster. Pitchers Erik Cordier, Jason Rice, and Zeke Spruill were sent to minor league camp along with catcher Matt Kennelly and outfielders Todd Cunningham and Stefan Gartrell.

The only real surprise for me here is Jason Rice. I thought he had a really good chance before spring started, but then games started and he got knocked around hard in his first outing. He did have a couple of good outings, but was pretty wild in yesterday's appearance, hitting two batters. He's got a good arm, so if he can being to control the walks we might see him back in Atlanta this year.

Erik Cordier has been a bit of a disappointment, and I still don't know what to make of him; whether he can be a strong one-inning reliever, or if he's simply a four-A starting pitcher.

The guess of which players would get cut in the Hitters Making the Team Meter posted earlier today was 100% right, as Gartrell and Cunningham both got cut. I got Spruill right on the Pitchers Making the Team Meter, but whiffed on guessing that Cords and Rice would be cut. Instead I thought Avilan and Chapman would go.

Atlanta now has 50 active players remaining in its Major League camp.