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Braves Quote For The Day ... My Nickname Is Not Sparky


No link post this morning, just this spectacular quote from the savior of the Atlanta Braves, Chipper Jones. In case you didn't see what he did last night, follow this link to the MLB video of his highlight reel. Then after the game, another Chipper comment that will surely become an instant classic:

"I'm not going to say I was the spark," Jones said. "Obviously, the two-run homer was a big lift. But I'd much rather be a calming influence. I just want [my teammates] to look down there, see me and know I'm going to put up some good at-bats and hopefully make the play when it's hit to me. If they feed off of that, then great. But my nickname is not Sparky."

How in the world is this team going to go on without Chipper next year? I know that's a bit overly dramatic, but this guy is such a leader, in how he carries himself, talks to the media, and makes plays on the field. We're just going to have to soak up the awesomeness of Chipper Jones while we can this year.

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