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New "Taco Mac Family Zone" At Turner Field

The Braves are keeping things up to date at Turner Field.
The Braves are keeping things up to date at Turner Field.

Not that I've ever had tacos at a Taco Mac, though they do serve them, but it seems the Atlanta Braves are teaming up with the local wings and appetizers restaurant to re-brand and relaunch Tooner Field:

Taco Mac has created the ultimate family fun zone at Turner Field, completely transforming the space formerly occupied by Cartoon Network’s "Tooner Field." Through a new partnership with the Atlanta Braves, Taco Mac has developed a fun, interactive baseball-themed experience for those visiting Turner Field to cheer on their favorite team. A centerpiece component of the Taco Mac family Fun Zone is a refreshment space featuring the revolutionary Coca-Cola Freestyle fountain dispensers. This marks the first time that Coca-Cola Freestyle -- which serves more than 100 beverage brands -- will refresh fans in a Major League Baseball park. [...]

At the Taco Mac Family Zone visitors will be able to experience interactive sports and games in a fun, Taco Mac-themed setting which reflects the atmosphere of their local Taco Mac restaurant. The attraction’s focal point is the Tree House, where kids can climb and play with a giant Tomahawk, as well as slide down the Taco Mac buffalo slide. Kids can also "get-into the game" by engaging in friendly competition with a variety of the latest Xbox Kinect games from Microsoft.

Not too shabby, especially for families. And while the families get their Coke fountain, do us adults get our "wall of 100 draft beers?" The article doesn't say anything about that, but we'll see, though that might take away from the "family" part of the family fun zone.

Still, I like it. It's good to see the Braves keeping the attractions at the ballpark new and updated.

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