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New Things At The Ted This Year

The Turner Field E-Guide, <a href="" target="new">click here to find out more</a>.
The Turner Field E-Guide, click here to find out more.

Yesterday Talking Chop told everyone about the new Taco Mac Family Fun Zone at Turner Field, replacing the old Tooner Field, and today we get word via a press release from the Atlanta Braves about more exciting editions to our favorite Atlanta ballpark.

The first thing that caught my eye is that acclaimed Atlanta chef Kevin Rathbun is opening up a concession stand near section 203 that will serve top-of-the-line sirloin steak sandwiches. So, yeah, I'll be there tomorrow and I'll wait in whatever line I have to wait in to try one of those. Expect a review as well as a ton of tweets about it.

In other food news, there is a Braves Brick Oven Pizzeria that will be there this year in the Fan Plaza -- that will have to be another item to check off the food (or foodie) list tomorrow.

The Braves are also saying that AT&T has installed more than 330 Wi-Fi access points around the ballpark. I just double-checked with the Braves PR folks and they said it is FREE to use, and you don't have to be an AT&T customer. This is just fantastic, and will put to shame the connectivity at Citi Field on opening day, which was downright nonexistent.

These are some excellent additions to the stadium, and I look forward to seeing all of them tomorrow on opening night. Follow me @gondeee for a blow-by-blow of the opening night excitement, from The Civil Wars pregame concert to a steak sandwich and ... a steak sandwich. Gonna be fun!

If you are in search of a guide for your Turner Field experience this year, check out Ballpark E-Guides. This $5 e-guide is a great companion to have with you while you explore the stadium. It will help you get the most out of your ballpark experience. I've had some time to review a copy and it really does answer every question you might have about buying a ticket, getting to the ballpark, and seeing all there is to see at the stadium.

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