Early season rosterbation thread. Who do we trade Jurrjens to before the break?

So with Hudson coming back and Delgado looking serviceable so far as the 5th starter, it only makes sense (in my opinion) that Jurrjens should traded before the deadline, if not much sooner. Other than that, I don't really see the Braves doing much else in terms of trading this season unless something drastic happens.

So with that being said, where will Jurrjens go. To a contender? To a seller?

If we look at teams who appear to be bound for a sell-off, we see the likes of the Padres, Twins, and Pirates. Familiar and uninspiring names like Span, Tabata, and Maybin come to mind. I'm not familiar with any of their thirdbase/outfield prospects, so maybe you guys can add onto that. That said, would a seller even wants Jurrjens? Or would that be counterproductive.

Of the teams who will be contending, who really needs a SP enough that they would be willing to give us what we want?

Let the first early season rosterbation thread begin.

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