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Braves Mid-Day Open Thread


The final game of this two-game series, and Tim Hudson tries to get the Braves back on the winning side. The Braves did a good job of hitting a couple of days ago against one of the best pitchers in the National League, so maybe they'll put on they're hitting shoes again to face another pitcher having a stellar year.

Freddie Freeman must have been secretly "high-fived" by Michael Bourn, because the reason he had to leave last night's game is:

"It’s a very fine corneal abrasion," Wren said Tuesday. "We’ll check him again this afternoon. The eye heals so fast. He could be available tonight or take another day, but it won’t be much longer than that."

But seriously, I hope Frito heals up and gets back in the lineup. If, heaven forbid, Freddie has to go on the DL, I imagine we'd see us some Jose Constanza again, with Hinske and/or Prado playing first base. Though Jose is hitting .321 at triple-A. But let's not get ahead of ourselves ... Freddie's gonna be just fine.

Open thread!

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