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Tomahawk Chops: Daily Atlanta Braves News Clippings For Wednesday, May 16th

Good ol' Huddy got the Braves back on track Tuesday night.
Good ol' Huddy got the Braves back on track Tuesday night.

Your one-page daily morning overview of Atlanta Braves news:

Cincinnati Reds at Atlanta Braves - May 15, 2012 | ATL Recap
"Our guys are putting together some really good at bats," said Hudson. "We're making it tough on the pitcher. Cueto's been throwing the ball really well. I think it was the combination of, he came across a lineup that'll battle you and he might not have had his best stuff tonight. It was just one of those things that we were able to take advantage of. "In years past, we may not have been able to take advantage of it, he might have been able to get into a groove. We got some timely hits and got some crooked numbers up there."

Braves quotes after Tuesday’s win over Cincinnati | Atlanta Braves
Brian McCann: "We’re a pretty good offense. Everybody battles every at-bat, and tonight was no different. We got one of the hottest pitchers in the league tonight. We got him in trouble early. That’s always a good sign when you’re going against a No. 1 to get to him in the first three or four innings."

Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman sits with scratches in both eyes | News
"Everything is healing quickly, and that's the best news right now," Freeman said. "I'm going back tomorrow, and hopefully I'll have better news." Freeman said he thinks the injury happened in Colorado, where the air was dry and the wind was blowing dust into his eyes. He has been dealing with the problem for about a week, but it finally became too much to self-treat Monday night.

How The Braves Bounced Back - MLB News | FOX Sports on MSN
A scout mentioned to me he sees two big differences in the Braves: The work of new hitting coach Greg Walker and assistant hitting coach Scott Fletcher, and the return to health of right-hander Kris Medlen. "I think that is accurate," Braves GM Frank Wren says. "Walk and Fletch have been a very positive force. We battle every at-bat similar to a Boston or New York Yankees team, wearing the starting pitcher down early. We were in the 80s in pitch counts in the third or fourth inning of all three games in St. Louis."

Delgado 'covering up,' settling into rotation | News
"I think in the second inning he gets a runner at third and one out and pitched himself out of it," said Gonzalez. "We didn't make a play behind him and he gets out of it. Those are nice things to see. When he 'covers it up,' that's what we call it, he covers up your mistakes or whatever behind him and keeps your team in the ballgame."

Braves may see return of 'Everyday Jonny' | News
"The old adage is that, with sinkerball pitchers, the more work that they have, that sinker works more," said Gonzalez. "He's been as fresh as he could be. Maybe we should start running him in four or five days in a row, so we can start calling him 'Everyday Jonny again."

Kimbrel chipping in to aid kids with cancer | News
"I've been looking around for a charity in the Atlanta area to be a part of, and my agent ran across them," he said. "My agent knows [ESPN college football analyst] Lee Corso's son, and that's how we got involved with it. As soon as I met them and saw what they're all about, I was 100 percent on board. I wanted to be a part of it and try to help out and do what I can."

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