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The Latest On The Wilmington Braves

We've been keeping you updated on all the developments from the Atlanta Braves organization's efforts to move their Lynchburg Hillcats minor league franchise to Wilmington, North Carolina. The last we heard was that the Braves were willing to foot some of the bill for the ballpark in a public-private partnership, but now it seems that they are backing off those initial reports, and may only be willing to finance one-third of the cost of the franchise, which includes other costs associated with acquiring and moving the team.

Here is a local TV station's interview with Rich Neuman of Mandalay Entertainment, a partner in this endeavor with the Braves organization. (After the jump)

After the presentation to the Wilmington City Council, there were a few comments, but apparently nothing substantive that would give us an idea of what the Council members were thinking, or whether this proposal has a chance of passing. I get the sense that most people in Wilmington would prefer at least a 50-50 split of the cost with the Braves, and there may be several Council members who feel the same way. I expect negotiations to be ongoing for some time, and for the Braves investment group to have to kick in a bit more to get the stadium financed.

As always, Talking Chop will keep you up to date on the latest news and developments from this story as part of our complete coverage of the Braves organization, and their minor league system.

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