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Dear Braves, Please Sign Martin Prado To A Long-Term Contract

We're very video-happy the past 24-hours here at Talking Chop, but that's only because there are some great videos out there that need to be shared. In today's Tomahawk Chops we shared a video of the new handshake that Martin Prado came up with for David Ross, and here is another handshake that Prado has with Kris Medlen:

The players love this guy. The fans love him. He's an excellent baseball player who can play just about anywhere, hit anywhere in the lineup, and brings tons of energy with him to every ballgame. Most of the contract discussion this year have been about wrapping up Brian McCann to a new contract, but my money, and the Atlanta Braves money, should first go towards signing Martin Prado to a long-term contract.

Depending on whether any of the candidates for the third base job are able to supplant Chipper at the hot corner next year, the Braves still have Prado out there who could play an excellent third base, and probably should be the guy who replaces Chipper.

Prado can play anywhere, and you can move him all over the field with no notice. In the last six games Prado has played third, left, third, left, third, and left ... so much for Fredi wanting to keep him at one or the other. But it hasn't mattered to Prado, who has posted a slash line of .364/.440/.545 during those six games.

This kind of player, who can play great defense at multiple positions while not letting it affect his offense, is a valuable commodity on any team, and a luxury to a manager trying to cover up for injuries throughout the season. This should be the kind of player the Braves want more of, but before they think about that, they need to secure the player they already have for the long term. Priority one should be signing Martin Prado. Get it done, Braves.

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