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Braves Cap Is The Second-Best Seller

New-era-caps-atlanta-braves-260x195_medium It's good to know that the Atlanta Braves are appreciated around baseball. Some uninspiring journalists might make fun of Atlanta for being a bad sports town, but as we've shown many times on Talking Chop, the numbers don't back that up. So, with a great degree of pleasure, I happily relay the news to you that the Atlanta Braves baseball cap (pictured right) was the number-2 best-selling cap from New Era in 2011, bested only by the Yankees' iconic cap.

Good stuff by Braves fans everywhere to gobble up these awesome caps. See all top-10 New Era caps at The Cardboard Connection (hat tip to Duk).

I remarked on Twitter several months ago, while I was in Paris on business, that there were a ton of Atlanta Braves hats being worn by Parisians and visitors of all sorts. I was certainly more tuned into recognizing Braves caps, but they seemed at that time second only in popularity to Yankees hats. So whether it's trendy Europeans that are making the Braves cap sell so well, or loyal fans everywhere, I'm still excited to see the Braves headgear up so high on the list.

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