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Yankees vs. Braves Series Surprisingly Not The Hottest Ticket This Year


One would think that when the New York Yankees come to town the ticket prices would be the highest of the season, but that's not what TiqIQ is seeing. Their data suggest that two other series this season have generated or will generate higher ticket prices.

The "bookend" series on the Atlanta Braves 2012 home schedule are currently accounting for the top ticket prices. The opening series of the season against the Brewers in April generated an average ticket price $1 higher than the Yanks series.

The real surprise is that Braves fans are already scooping up tickets for the season's final home series, against the Mets in late September. In addition to being Fan Appreciation Weekend, that series will likely see the last regular season home game in the career of Chipper Jones.

As for the fourth and fifth highest average series' ticket, they are on weekends when school is not in session, so that helps to drive up attendance. Though aside from a Tim Hudson t-shirt giveaway during the Phillies series, there's nothing special going on. I'm actually surprised that those two series are pulling in a higher ticket price than this past weekend's series against the Jays which included the John Smoltz number retirement, the Sid Slides bobblehead, and all the Alumni events.

The Braves new Dynamic Pricing could also be a factor. This season ticket prices at Turner Field fluctuate depending on the day of the week and which team the Braves are playing.

With the help of TiqIQ we'll keep you up to date on ticket prices throughout the season. Remember that you can always get tickets through Talking Chop by clicking on the Tickets link at the top of every page.

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