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Braves Headphones A Great Gift Idea For Dads And Grads


As I always say on this blog, when I come across a cool Braves product I try to pass the info along to all of you. I recently came across these Braves logo headphones by BiGR Audio, and they were nice enough to send me a sample to test out ... upon first listen, I must say that I didn't know what I was missing while using the little white earbuds.

The sound on these bad boys is spectacular, and the cushioned surfaces were very comfortable, even for someone like me who wears glasses. After hours of listening to music they didn't make my ears get hot as I figured most big headphones would. They were super easy to adjust to my head, and didn't pitch or squeeze my admittedly wide head.

They worked flawlessly with my iPhone, and the cord that came with them is a flat cord that doesn't tangle -- which is very much appreciated. After the jump are pictures of the Eco-friendly box and packaging, and more about the headphones. There is also a way that you can win a pair of headphones that BiGR Audio is giving away to one lucky Talking Chop reader.


Nice packaging, and hiding under there is this great engraved bamboo case...


BiGR Audio is a very eco-conscious company. That's why the sets come in that cool keepsake bamboo box, rather than plastic and paper packaging that just gets tossed in the trash. Bamboo is one of the more renewable resources out there, and they use it for the soft, cloth like bag they come with too...


Very nice cloth bag, good for traveling, and the headphones fold up pretty small. Here is what they look like...


As I said, they're pretty darn cool. If you were thinking about buying some nice headphones, then why not get them with the Braves logo. Also a great gift idea for Father's Day or as a Graduation present.

Now, how can you win a pair of these bad boys?

All you need to do is follow @bigraudio and then retweet this tweet below (link), and BiGR will select a winner by the end of the week.

Good luck, and happy listening. For a link to buy them online, click here (they sell them through Best Buy).

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