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2012 MLB First Year Player Draft: Braves Day Three Open Thread

It's the final day of the 2012 Major League Baseball First Year Player Draft. The Atlanta Braves have had a good draft if you like high-risk, high-reward talent. They've done something I've been wanting them to do for several years, which is take some high ceiling, low floor toolsy players who will have longer development tracks, but could have a greater impact in the Majors. This strategy was likely made possible by the team's focus on more polished college players the last few years.

The Braves have taken a lot of catchers too, and while only two of the four catchers drafted will likely stay at catcher, this does send the message -- intentional or not -- that the organization might be preparing itself for the post-McCann era. I'm not saying they're doing this with the intention of not re-signing McCann, I'm merely suggesting that the team is preparing just in case they are unable to re-sign him.

As I did yesterday, I will have a recap of all the picks in a couple of posts throughout the day, but in the meantime you may use this thread for general discussion of the Braves draft picks.

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