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I'm Glad The Braves Didn't Get Dempster

I agree.
I agree.

As the rush from the trade deadline settles today, I'm still really glad the Atlanta Braves didn't get Ryan Dempster. I never thought he was that great of a pitcher, and I feel his good statistical season this year is a bit of a magic act. It doesn't hurt that Dempster keeps providing more reasons for us to be glad the Braves didn't acquire his drama. Here's is a quote from Dempster from an ESPN radio interview:

"The truth of the matter is, at the end of the day, I didn't turn down any trades. All I asked for was more time on one particular trade. I didn't really get that time. It got leaked out that I said yes and then I said no. And even after I said no -- I never officially said no -- I said I needed time to think about it, and I have the right to that time"

"Even after I said no -- I never officially said no." What was it then, an unofficial "no?" Either way, he knew there was a deal and he used his pocket veto. In fact, he knew there was probably going to be a deal days before Twitter knew:

Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer said Wednesday that Dempster's decision had more to do with wanting to wait as long as possible to see if a deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers -- his preferred destination -- could be worked out rather than a dislike for the Braves.

"We had explained to him for several days before we did that deal that it was going to be the Braves, that they were the most aggressive team," Hoyer said Wednesday.

Yep, really glad the Braves didn't get Dempster. He's doing his reputation a disservice, and making himself look foolish by continuing to talk about this and keep the story alive.

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