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It's Chipper Jones Bobblehead Day

Surely the lackluster crowd the last three Atlanta Braves games will return to near-sellout form tonight ... or will it? Tonight, after all, is the Chipper Jones bobblehead giveaway, and the past few nights the Braves weren't giving away any cool toys like that. So we know there will likely be at least 20,000 people at tonight's game to get the cool Chipper bobblehead. Of course, if you still need tickets, now's probably a good time to buy:


According to TiqIQ, the price for tickets to tonight's game has come down a lot in recent days. I guess part of that is the foolishness of buying tickets to Braves games (that aren't on sale) ahead of time. With the Braves new demand-based pricing this year, tickets for games like tonight are already more expensive that other tickets.

Look, it's the reality of baseball in Atlanta, it will always take a back seat to football, and will always be less attended when school is in session. That's not a knock on Atlanta, or an excuse, it's just a reality of the city and the patterns of the people who live here.

You can purchase tickets to tonight's game through Talking Chop, if you wish. Click here, or click on the graphic above. You can also purchase tickets to any game through this site, quite often for below face value. TiqIQ has broken down the numbers for remaining tickets to tonight's game.

  • 625+ tickets available starting at $5.
  • 75+ tickets available for $20 or less. Some of these tickets are selling for up to 61% below average market price.
  • Tickets in TiqZone Terrace start at $30 (41% below market avg)
  • Tickets in TiqZone Field start @ $27 (45% below market avg)
  • TiqZone Dugout seats start @ $49 (33% below market avg)
  • TiqZone Hank Aaron Seats start @ $65 (24% below market avg)

See you at the game tonight!

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