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Open Thread 8/24: Braves vs. Giants

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Ben Sheets vs. Ryan Vogelsong

Prado starting at shortstop.

  1. Michael Bourn - CF
  2. Martin Prado - SS
  3. Jason Heyward - RF
  4. Chipper Jones - 3B
  5. Freddie Freeman - 1B
  6. Brian McCann - C
  7. Dan Uggla - 2B
  8. Eric Hinske - LF
  9. Ben Sheets - P

Hinske is in the lineup to get some at-bats; hasn't started a game since June 23. Braves will try to beat Vogelsong, who's given up 11 runs over his last two starts, but they are hitting .173 with RISP in their last 12 games, the second-worst mark in all of MLB. They've scored ≤2 runs in 14 of their last 17 losses. Heyward, Prado and Hinske are all hitting better than .300 at AT&T Park.

Win, please. GO BRAVES!