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Preparations Begin In New York For Chipper

You know Chipper has some of these lined up for the New York crowd.
You know Chipper has some of these lined up for the New York crowd.

The Chipper Jones farewell tour swings into New York for the final time with a weekend series beginning September 7th. The city that loves to boo Larry will no doubt have mixed emotions about seeing him retire. Here is how one NYC landmark will celebrate his career:

Chipper Jones' farewell tour will reach a new level when he reaches New York, where he routinely has tortured the Mets over the years.

Foley's Pub and Restaurant, a popular Manhattan watering hole for sports types, will rename itself "Chipper's" when the Braves visit from Sept. 7 to 9.

Foley's also will serve "chips" (french fries) in 10 different ways in honor of Chipper's No. 10.

I'm sure everyone will be eagerly awaiting the gift that the Mets will bestow upon the Braves third baseman. We should start taking early guesses as to what they might give him. I think they should give him the old home run apple plus magic hat. The old apple from Shea Stadium is currently located outside the stadium.

They might also give him something with the word Shea on it from the old stadium. But certainly the Mets will need to outdo every other team with their parting gift to Chipper -- he's their biggest frenemy, after all. And giving him the home run apple seems fitting.

Tell us in the comments section what you think the Mets will give Chipper as a parting gift.

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