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Atlanta Braves Reach Deal With Wilmington On Minor League Team

The Atlanta Braves and the City of Wilmington, North Carolina, have reached a deal for a $37 million minor league stadium. The plan will be put before voters on this November's ballot, and if it passes, the city will spend no more than $31 million on the stadium and $6 million on the land.

The 6,200 seat stadium would be home to the new Wilmington Braves. The Atlanta organization would purchase the Lynchburg Hillcats, and move them to Wilmington once the stadium is completed in either 2014 or 2015. The Braves would then be obligated to keep a minor league team in Wilmington for 20 years.

Talking Chop has been following this story since the beginning, and while there are many in favor of this deal, it will still face a difficult challenge on the ballot, and (I suspect) some fierce opposition from anti-tax groups among others. The stadium would be paid for with a 2.5-cent property tax increase.

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