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Yep, We're Still Talking About Justin Upton

More rumors about Justin Upton being traded.

Christian Petersen

The rumor that won't die has once again come back to life (Zombie rumor?). We knew this would happen after the Arizona Diamondbacks signed outfielder Cody Ross, giving them an extra outfielder. This would allow them to trade either Jason Kubel or Justin Upton. The Fox Sports "rumor boys" make the case for why it will be Upton who gets traded, and says this about the Atlanta Braves interest:

The Braves "made strong overtures" for Upton earlier in the offseason, one source said, but came away thinking that the Diamondbacks were not motivated to move him.

One would think at this point that the D-Backs almost have to move Upton for the best deal they can get. The longer these rumors persist the more damage it does to Upton. A player can and should be able to handle some rumors, but it's been a non-stop barrage of rumors for the past year that J-Up has had to endure, and all the questions he's had to answer about this team and that team and this rumor and that rumor.

The largest sticking point that was reported earlier in the season in the apparent talks between the Braves and D-Backs, was Arizona's insistence on the inclusion of shortstop Andrelton Simmons in any trade package that Atlanta would assemble for Upton. With the acquisition of shortstop Didi Gregorius last month from Cincinnati, it stands to reason that requirement would no longer exist.

If -- big IF -- that is no longer a requirement from Arizona, then the Braves may be able to remake their "strong overtures" to Arizona and reunite the Upton brothers in Atlanta. This is essentially a Braves fan's wet dream (and maybe even the Braves' front office wet dream), but Justin Upton is the kind of player you unload the system for -- especially when he's signed affordably for three more years.

Let's not get wet just yet though. These are called "rumors" for a reason. Still, the idea is exciting.

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