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Cobb County Releases Financial Details For New Stadium

Cobb paying less than Mayor Reed claimed, Braves ponying up $280 million up front

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Braves new stadium will be in the upper left corner of the intersection
Braves new stadium will be in the upper left corner of the intersection

I don't have time to fully break down the details, so mostly I'll just post the document given by Cobb County:


Interesting numbers, as it seems that the Braves are trading off paying more money upfront on the deal, but will be making a boatload off the deal annually, while Cobb County bears the brunt of the cost on an annual basis. It seems as though Cobb will be banking that high taxes in the CID will not drive those wanting to develop in the area away. Also interesting is the $9 Million per year in reallocation of existing revenues.

To give some context for the numbers the Braves will be paying yearly, it is believed that Phillips pays roughly $9 Million per year for the naming rights of Phillips arena, while the Braves will only be giving up $1.5 Million per year.

It's also important to remember that these figures represent proposed figures, and they have no yet actually been approved, though by all indications, it seems as though they'll just be rubber stamped when the official vote happens. They will not go in front of Cobb County voters in a referendum.

We will break these numbers down further as the story evolves.

Here is a link to a zoomable version of the .pdf

Here is the rest of the document, with more details in following pages. (H/T to reader mateoloco for the link viafield of schemes)

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