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FanGraphs New Spray Chart Tool

Playing around with the newest tool on FanGraphs

Jonathan Ernst

A little while ago, FanGraphs unveiled a new spray chart tool that presents a visual for both batted ball and fielded ball location. If you would like to read more about the new addition to the site, it is explained here.

Obviously, the first place I went was "Andrelton Simmons - Plays Made":

Source: FanGraphs

As you can see, this confirms what we already know; Andrelton has unreal range (+41 DRS). However, these are best used when there is a comparison point. I randomly selected Jimmy Rollins (-15 DRS):

Source: FanGraphs

Quite a contrast. Again, notice how deep Simmons' plays made are. Also notice the amount of plays made that had a low % chance of being fielded. There appears to be an invisible line behind the SS position in Andrelton's chart which makes one wonder if he is pushing the limits on the zoning codes (?). Either way, I envision these being helpful to compare players defensively, putting a visual to both advanced stats and the eye ball test.

These are also cool to check out batted ball locations. First two names that came to mind were BJ and Justin:

Source: FanGraphs

Source: FanGraphs

These *should* both be interactive on the page. You can click on the category below to remove or add a batted ball type. You can also zoom in on these by clicking and dragging the mouse over a selected area.

This should be a pretty cool feature to use in the future. Above is just the surface of any type of trends and data nuggets there are to uncover. Feel free to play around and link any interesting charts you find in the comment section.

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