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Fave Brave 2013, Final Four Showdown: Craig Kimbrel vs. Brian McCann

Craig Kimbrel faces off against Brian McCann to determine who is the fans' favorite Atlanta Braves player in 2013.

Kevin C. Cox

Talking Chop wants to find out which Atlanta Braves player is the fans' favorite this year. The Elite Eight squared off last week in some landslides and some tightly contested battles. The Final Four players face off this week in two battles that pit young against old.

In the second Final Four matchup, number-2 seed Craig Kimbrel faces off against number-6 seed Brian McCann. While Kimbrel easily bested Andrelton Simmons in the last round, McCann barely eked out a victory against Kris Medlen. Will the lone remaining Baby Brave McCann be able to beat the baby-faced Kimbrel?

You will decide the outcome and you can vote in two ways. The first is in the poll provided below. The other way is to tweet #TeamKimbrel or #TeamMcCann on Twitter, along with #FaveBrave2013. You've got 48 hours to advance one of these players to the final round next week. The winner will face Jason Heyward, who has already advanced to the finals, besting Tim Hudson earlier this week.


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