Trade Ideas

Alright, I'm going to put this out there because there will be a trade or two before the end of Spring.

Evan Gattis

Let's be honest here, he's blocked just like Salty was blocked. And do you really keep him around at 26 with no position other than PH/3rd C/5th OF? I say send him to the American League while his stock is high. Of course management could be considering him for C next year if Bethancourt doesn't pan out as quickly as they would like. I was talking to a Braves 'insider' the other day who brought up Castellanos with Detroit as an idea (totally speculation, not talking about any kind of insider info). Castellanos primary position is 3B but he has been moved to the OF because he is blocked by Cabrera.

Would you trade a package containing Gattis, either Francisco or Johnson, and another fringe prospect for Castellanos to be the 3B of the future if not this year?

Or maybe since Detroit needs a closer, would they consider Gattis and either Venters or Jordan Walden if he checks out medically?

What do you all think?

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