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Bronson Arroyo-yos Braves, 4-2

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Not a pretty night at all.


The night was bad enough just being shut down by Bronson Arroyo.

The wily right-hander held the Braves at bay for 7 innings, surrendering the his only run allowed on a Brian McCann home run. Arroyo spent the rest of the night throwing breaking balls and sinkers from all angles and flummoxing Braves hitters. Aroldis Chapman gave up a run in the ninth after walking Tyler Pastornicky and giving up an RBI single to Freddie Freeman.

Kris Medlen didn't do his part to help the Braves out, either. Making it only 4 innings, Medlen's control was off, and he couldn't put away hitters, racking up almost 100 pitches while pitching into the fifth. The game started miserably with another Shin-Soo Choo hit, and Derrick Robinson followed with a bunt single. A Joey Votto walk, a Brandon Phillips 2-run single, and a Todd Frazier triple put the Braves behind the 8-ball from the start. Alex Wood, however, was a minor bright spot in the game as he went 3.2 innings to back up Medlen, striking out 3 and walking 1 without surrendering a hit.

This recap, however, would be seriously remiss if it didn't address the injuries to both Upton brothers. Frazier's triple took out B.J. Upton when B.J. tried diving to catch a knuckling line drive, but his knee went awkwayrdly into the ground, taking out a huge divot and straining his adductor muscle. Several innings later, Justin Upton strained his calf running out a ball to first. It's currently unclear how severe the injuries are, and the Braves will likely make a roster move if none of the original starting outfield can start tomorrow.

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