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Justin Upton Rewards Diehard Fan

Upton walked it off after breaking Will Bryan's streak

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Friday night, Justin Upton treated Braves fan Will Bryan to a once in a lifetime experience. Bryan picked Upton to get a hit in MLB's Beat the Streak contest during the August 10 game against the Marlins, and Upton went 0-4. Upton's girlfriend had been following Bryan's streak of 47 correct picks, and when Upton found out he'd broken it, he invited Bryan to Friday night's game.

Bryan and his family got to watch batting practice from the dugout, meet Upton, get autographs and even play a little catch with him. Upton then, of course, topped off the night by hitting a walk off home run in extra innings to get the Braves a win. Upton even mentioned Bryan in his post-game interview.

The Braves are known for filling the roster with great guys who have genuine clubhouse chemistry. Getting to see that in action is always fun, and I enjoy seeing them as humans as well as athletes. Very classy move by Justin.

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