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Coaches Vote on Best Tools: Andrelton Simmons Not Best on Defense...

Coaches Vote on Best Tools: Andrelton Simmons Not Best on Defense...

Jonathan Ernst

Baseball America does an annual poll of MLB coaches to find out who the group believes has the best tools. For the most part the answers are pretty standard. Clayton Kershaw wins a bunch of pitching categories, Miguel Cabrera wins a bunch of hitting categories, and Mike Trout wins a bunch of fast and exciting ones.They even get down to pick off move, which Julio Teheran rightfully won. His move has been incredible this year and is likely at least a small reason for his ERA being lower than his FIP.

One thing that I noticed is that Andrelton Simmons did not run away with all of the votes for defense, which is surprising to me. Maybe the coaches feel like Manny Acta did the other week, and that since he is so new to the majors that he cannot be awarded "best" just yet?

Simmons finished third in infield defense and second in infield arm. The voters said Troy Tulowitzki and Ian Desmond were better defenders than Andrelton and that Desmond has a better arm (he doesn't). Eventually he will be the landslide winner in these categories, but apparently not quite yet. This points to a relatively decent chance that Simmons doesn't win the gold glove, which would be a travesty to anyone who finds these awards to be important. I do not place a big amount of value on them, but I know the players care about it and Simmons deserves the recognition for being the best defensive player on the planet.

Jason Heyward also wasn't voted in best outfield defense. The other guys there are all quality, but I would have put him in the top three. Craig Kimbrel won best slider (it's really a curveball but let's not get picky) and best reliever. He also finished near the top in best fastball. He is really good.

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