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Pimpin' Ain't Easy in 5-2 Loss

Home runs turn out to be the deciding factor and impetus of benches clearing.

Mike Ehrmann

There were three home runs in the game. All of which were pimped pretty hard.

It all started in the bottom of the fifth. At this point, the Marlins were ahead 2-0. Mike Minor wasn't terribly crisp, but he wasn't terrible, either. After Placido Polanco led off the inning with a single, Giancarlo wailed on a ball and sent it over the center field wall. Stanton gave it a look and skip while tossing the bat aside, and he took his stroll around the bases, having given the Marlins a 4-0 lead.

During the next half-inning, Evan Gattis continued his recent hot streak with a bomb to left field. As he is want to do, Gattis pimped it a little and did a little bat flip. Fernandez apparently eyed him around the bases, but nothing was said. Chris Johnson lined out a few batters later, and something was said - I don't think we know what as of yet - between the two, which helped lead to what happened next.

"I just told him you can’t do that. You can get someone hurt." - Brian McCann on Fernandez admiring his home run

With a 4-1 lead, Fernandez gave himself a little more cushion with his own blast to left. He gave the bat a pretty hefty flip while watching the ball, and he took his time around the bases. What happened next seemed to be the problem. As Fernandez rounded third, he spat either at Chris or on the bag, and as he got to home, Brian McCann had a few words with him. Some more words were said, Chris and Gerald Laird ran in, and the rest of the benches cleared. I'm not sure anyone is entirely sure what exactly happened - it'll be interesting to read quotes on it from both sides - but the Braves were obviously unhappy about it.

The Braves would add on a run in the ninth with a triple by Andrelton Simmons, who continues to hit this month, and a double by Elliot Johnson.

Win Expectancy Chart

Source: FanGraphs

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