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Arbitration Deadline Day Roundup

Arbitration Deadline Day Roundup

Christian Petersen

Today, teams and players had a deadline of 1:00pm to decide on a deal to avoid arbitration or to exchange figures to go to an arbitration hearing. However, teams can still negotiate with players up until the day of the hearing, today's deadline simply is a deadline before figures must be exchanged.

Kris Medlen and the Braves avoid arbitration today, reaching a $5.8 million deal according to Mark Bowman and Dave O'Brien's twitter feeds.

Chris Johnson and the Braves have also agreed on $4.75 million deal to avoid arbitration, according to DOB's twitter account.

Jordan Schafer and the Braves agreed on a $1.09 million deal.

Mike Minor avoided arbitration, signing a one year $3.85 million deal.

In a rare occurrence for the Braves, Jason Heyward, Craig Kimbrel and Freddie Freeman will all head to arbitration. This is the first time the Braves will head to arbitration in the past 12 years. Kimbrel doesn't come as much of a surprise considering we've never seen anything like him, so the likelihood of the two sides agreeing were more difficult than for most players.

As a reminder, the arbitrator doesn't pick his own number, he must pick either the player or the teams number in the hearings. So Kimbrel will either make $6.55M or $9M.

Here is Mark's article from earlier in the offseason about trading Kimbrel.

Freeman was projected by MLBTR to make $4.9M in arbitration while Heyward was projected $4.5M. I thought the projection on Heyward was a bit low, so something around those figures seems more appropriate.

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