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Weekend Dump: Yankees land Tanaka; Abreu returns to Philly; What's going on with Matt Garza?

Welcome to the Dump.

Junko Kimura

Masahiro Tanaka signs with Yankees - Yahoo

Seven years, $155 million; the Cubs, Diamondbacks, Dodgers and White Sox were all reported to have been interested.

LaSorda: A-rod "trying to ruin the game" - SBNation

I agree with him up to where he says A-rod deserves a fastball in the teeth. Stay classy.

Nolan Ryan could join Astros front office - NBC

His son Reid is the president of business operations for the team, and him returning to the team for whom he pitched the longest (in terms of years) could be seen as a good PR move.

Phillies bring back Bobby Abreu - CBS

When Marlon Byrd returned to the Phillies this offseason, I joked that they should also bring back Abreu and Pat Burrell just so they could have the oldest outfield in the league. I didn't think that it might actually happen! It's only a minor-league deal, and his primary role would be as a lefty bench bat, but still...

Ruben Amaro should be executive of the year.

All MLB ballparks to have metal detectors by 2015 - ESPN

Several teams have experimented with this, and it was reportedly received well when used at last year's All-Star Game and World Series.

Rays bring back Grant Balfour - CBS

Two years, $12 million. Baltimore had offered $15 million before the deal fell through because the team didn't like his physical results.

Is Matt Garza signing or not signing with the Brewers? - Brew Crew Ball

Initial reports stated that Garza had signed a four-year deal worth $52 million, but then the team says he hasn't. Some speculated that the holdup was in regards to his physical, but apparently that has been laid to rest.

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