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Updated Report: Ryan Doumit Is NOT Done Catching

Ex-teammate suggests Ryan Doumit may be done catching, agent disagrees.

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

An interesting piece of news came out today from Twins beat writer Mike Berardino.

If this is true, it probably came as a news to the Braves. From comments at the time, it sounded like the Braves at least had plans on using Doumit behind the plate, even though defensively he is the worst in baseball. As mentioned in the tweet, Doumit suffered a concussion last August, which is likely the main drivers for his decision. However, as DOB reported, there was really no indication he did not want to catch anymore.

Obviously health comes first, especially with the increased awareness for concussions in recent year. You just have to wonder what Twins GM Terry Ryan knew prior to the trade in December. Really hard to draw a solid conclusion of the news right now until more answers come out. Stay tuned.


Well, there it is - a misunderstanding somewhere in the pipeline. Hopefully the difference between Ryan Doumit "catching" and "not catching" isn't that big of a gap anyways.

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