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Heyward trade may be just the beginning for the Braves

The Braves are willing to shop around almost everyone.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

After the Braves traded Jason Heyward to the Cardinals this morning, rumors are flying about what could be next for Atlanta's offseason plans. Apparently Justin Upton removed Seattle from his no-trade list this offseason, and guesses are that he may be the next one moved.

Given that the Braves dealt a big piece of the franchise, it appears that only a few core members of the club are untouchable. Craig Kimbrel, Andrelton Simmons and Freddie Freeman may be safe to still wear a tomahawk in 2015, along with some pitchers.

It's interesting that Julio Teheran isn't explicitly on that list, as he's another member of the team who performed well in 2014 and also received a big contract last year. You know he must be in there with the top 3 pitchers, but who else? Strap in because this week may be chaotic.

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