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Jason Heyward comments on trade to Cardinals

Jason Heyward commented for the first time following Monday's trade to the St. Louis Cardinals

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Outfielder Jason Heyward talked publicly for the first time since Monday's trade to St. Louis was announced. Heyward seemed a bit measured in his responses but made it clear that his desire was to remain in Atlanta past 2015.

The money tweet:

And others:

That long term offer never materialized and the Braves moved on rather than risk losing Heyward for nothing at the end of the season. Heyward went on to thank the fans and said that he was excited to be going to a team where "he feels wanted."

On extension, Heyward maintains that he and his agent had extension talks with former Braves GM Frank Wren following the 2012 season but had none since.

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